Hasso Vogel’s first release was released on the label rotraum Music.

Release Information:
Artist. Hasso Vogel
Title. Retro Pulse EP
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. RRR146
Release Date. March 2nd, 2016
Alien Music Economy
Radar FS

Music videos have been released on YouTube.

Alien Music Economy

Radar FS


The promotion was done at Pullproxy Berlin, here some feedback from the promotion campaign.

Paul Brcic
/ Broque, Leena Music, Music Man Records,
Ostgut Ton
definitely unique!

Dan Curtin
/ Metamorphic, Amam, Autoreply, Elektrax
Alien Music Economy is creative

Ivanoff / Danzeria
A nice fusion of techno and old school electro sounds in
Alien Music Factory. Gets Deep and Dubby in Radar FS.
Deep and Progressive melodies with old school drum
machine sounds in Spirit.

Matt Heize /Xentrix / Recode Music /ion music

Teknobrat / CHUO 89.1 FM & CKCU 93.1 FM
Various Ottawa Radio Shows
/ Radio Ottawa CHUO
89.1 FM + Radio Carleton CKCU 93.1 FM
Radar FS is real cool . will test play and support. Thanks

/ Atavisme, House Nation Radio
Spirit is the one for me.

HIKE aka Heike Reich
/ Bayerischer Rundfunk
Spirit for me, thank you

Sascha Kösch
/ De-Bug
considering for review

Erwin Kelemen
/ Plastic Lounge @ Freies Radio
radar fs,is it

/ www.sonus.fm
Very interesting release on Rotraum again! Greetz to
Dominik and Crew…

Sky Deep
/ Reveller Records
All great. Especially Alien Music Economy

Andras Toth
/ Spectrum Radio Show
Radar FS is weird ,i love it!

/ Connaisseur Rec. / Compost Rec.
Alien Music Economy & Spirit are cool for me!

Salah Sadeq
/ Techfui / The Crate / Together With_
like spirit. the ep is cool

Luis Junior
/ Mooseekaa / KX (Kompakt) / Best Works
/ Traum / Bedrock
Spirit is cool track

Werner Niedermeier
/ Biotop, Ayeko, Rue De
Plaisance, Broque
Love Spirit

Patrick Blinkhorn
/ Blisspop
Alien Music Economy is cool. Radar FS and Spirit are
cool, experimental tracks. Good release